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Send to Kindle

Just a quick note that I added the “Send to Kindle” plugin to the site here. At the bottom of each post you should see a Send to Kindle button that will prompt you to log in to your Amazon … Continue reading

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My Kindle Authoring Setup Part 2 – now with Markdown!

As I was writing the previous post on my Kindle Authoring Setup, it occurred to me that markdown might be a solution to having to mark everything up with HTML tags. So I wrote a comment in there exactly as … Continue reading

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My Kindle Authoring Setup

As mentioned previously, I have started working on self-publishing my Playing With Chaos book on the Amazon Kindle self publishing service. I quickly got the outline, first chapter, part of the second, some code and images done. Then last weekend … Continue reading

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Playing With Chaos: The Book

Well, the title gives it away, so I just need to elaborate. I had so much fun and did so much research and wrote so much code for my Playing With Chaos presentation, and it went over so well and … Continue reading

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Kindle Fire First Impressions

I got my Kindle Fire last night and wanted to post some initial impressions of the device. First of all, I love it. Great form factor, feels very solidly built, great display, does all that I need it to do. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on eBook formats

The traditional markets that have existed for hundreds or thousands of years are still struggling with this newfangled digital media stuff, trying to impose old world restrictions on it that just don’t work. I’m all for an author, musician, artist … Continue reading

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Kindle vs. iPad redux

I know I’m fanning the flames here, but I thought it was a bit funny. Not hilarious, but cute. Of course, you could make a follow up ad that showed the woman trying to check her email or whatever…

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Kindle Font Sizes

Just for reference.

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Kindle 3: Under the microscope!

Yeah, this took a while, but I finally got around to sticking my new toy under the ‘scope. To be honest, the differences between the Kindle 2 and the new version are amazingly apparent the first time you turn the … Continue reading

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Kindle and iPad Displays: Up close and personal.

This really isn’t meant to be a contentious post. It really only came about because I got a new toy, something I’ve been wanting to get for a while – a USB microsope! Here’s the model I got: Veho VMS004 … Continue reading

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