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This blog is long since retired. I’ll keep it up here as a record and resource, but any new posts will be on If you want the blog that existed here from 2017 to 2013, you can find that … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi Mail Checker

I was looking for some Raspberry Pi project to do that not only used external hardware (even if that means only an LED for now), but also reached out into the net to deal with some kind of real time … Continue reading

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My Kindle Authoring Setup

As mentioned previously, I have started working on self-publishing my Playing With Chaos book on the Amazon Kindle self publishing service. I quickly got the outline, first chapter, part of the second, some code and images done. Then last weekend … Continue reading

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CSS Roadblock

Generally I like to use my blog for dispensing knowledge, advice, opinions, thoughts, musings, and of course, FACTS. But occasionally I get stuck on a point and all my research leads me to a dead end, and I’ll write a … Continue reading

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JavaScript Classes

Facts. Fact: JavaScript is an object oriented language. Fact: JavaScript does not have classes. Fact: JavaScript is dynamic and expressive enough to create structures that emulate classes. Beyond those three facts, everything else here will be theory or opinion. Expansion … Continue reading

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Linescapes Iteration 9

A different gety function: [php lang=”JavaScript”]$(function() { var canvas, linescape, hills; canvas = $(“#canvas”).get(0); linescape = new LineScape(canvas); linescape.xres = 1; linescape.zres = 0.5; hills = []; for(var i = 0; i < 100; i += 1) { hills[i] = … Continue reading

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PaceCalc for Windows Phone 7

As many of you know, I’ve been running for the last year and few months, and completed a few races here and there. One of the first things you start to focus on when you sign up for your first … Continue reading

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Drawing Primitives in XNA Game Studio 4.0

So I’m working on porting Falling Balls over to Windows Phone 7. I have the animated stick figure, the motion code, the blood spatter, and sound effects all working. I’ll eventually need a real device to get the accelerometer stuff … Continue reading

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Thoughts on eBook formats

The traditional markets that have existed for hundreds or thousands of years are still struggling with this newfangled digital media stuff, trying to impose old world restrictions on it that just don’t work. I’m all for an author, musician, artist … Continue reading

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Kindle 3: Under the microscope!

Yeah, this took a while, but I finally got around to sticking my new toy under the ‘scope. To be honest, the differences between the Kindle 2 and the new version are amazingly apparent the first time you turn the … Continue reading

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