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This blog is long since retired. I’ll keep it up here as a record and resource, but any new posts will be on If you want the blog that existed here from 2017 to 2013, you can find that … Continue reading

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Dell XPS 13, one year later

I don’t want this to be a rant, but I feel like I need to document this experience. I’ll try to stick to the facts. TLDR; hardware issues, poor support. The Good It was just about a year ago that … Continue reading

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BIT-101 Lab, One Month In

So… that went pretty well. One full month of posts done. I wasn’t sure how long I’d last before we started seeing gaps in the lineup. But this is easier than I was expecting. Turns out, I have a lot … Continue reading

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BIT-101 Lab Comments

So I think I found a pretty good system for allowing people to comment on stuff in the lab. Commenter Erik pointed me to this post: TL;DR – Create a github issue for each sketch. Link to that from … Continue reading

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BIT-101 Lab Source Link and … comments?

One of the key aspects of the lab has always been that it’s open source. The code is not particularly written in a manner conducive to education. It’s often the result of me hacking around until I find something that … Continue reading

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BIT-101 Lab Visual Index

I just ticked off another feature on the BIT-101 Lab list. A visual index. Back in the old Flash Lab the only way to find a specific experiment you wanted to look at again was to click through, one by … Continue reading

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Beautiful Geometry

This weekend I was in a book store (remember those) and ran across this book – Beautiful Geometry. A few minutes of looking at it, and I was on my way to the register to buy it. Each chapter takes … Continue reading

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I’m a math nerd. I’ve actually never had any real professional math training. I just like studying mathematical concepts and figuring out formulas. In particular, I like any math that can be graphically visualized. If it can be animated, all … Continue reading

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Back to Basics

TL;DR: Go here: Long time readers of this blog may recall what existed here before “blogging” was a thing – the BIT-101 Lab. Back in the late 90’s / early 2000’s there were a bunch of people running Flash … Continue reading

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QuickSettings Version 3.0 released

I just pushed QuickSettings Version 3: I’m really happy with the changes in this version. I use QuickSettings myself all the time, so most of the changes stem very much from personal experience – seeing my own pain points … Continue reading

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