If you are into strange attractors, chaos theory, or just funky 3D forms, you’re going to love iAttractor. This iPhone app puts a 3-dimensional strange attractor right in the palm of your hand. Zoom in, out, rotate around, adjust parameters. The lite version (free) gives you the Pickover attractor to play with, whereas the full version ($0.99) also gives you two versions of the Lorenz attractor and two “polynomial” attractors, bringing the total to five. The full version also lets you change background color and attractor color, view parameter details, and save a snapshot of the attractor to your photo library.

Note, the video is a bit washed out, over-exposed. Looks better on the device.

Get them here:

iAttractor (full version $0.99)

iAttractor Lite (free)

5 Responses to iAttractor

  1. Alex Placito says:

    Hey Keith,

    This looks really great, I can’t wait for it! I got Falling Balls and Dust…happy to support the Flash Dev. community’s forays into iPhone app territory!

  2. I12 says:

    Oi here comes the chaos! I was just about to request node garden elasticity options as an upgrade to the dust app. Looking forward to this, also wondering what flight404 is cooking up.

  3. lee probert says:

    you’ll be authoring an iPhone development book next!

  4. Bob Polcyn says:

    Hi — It’s exquisite — really interesting. How about a version for the iMac?


    Bob Polcyn

  5. Bob Polcyn says:

    Hi, again —

    I recently bought an iPad — wonderful machine. We must have iAttractor for it! Please.

    Bob Polcyn

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