30 Days of Supercollider Series


This will be an index of the articles I post about Supercollider.

Warning: I don’t know a lot about Supercollider yet. This will be a journal of my discoveries as much as anything else. I probably know less about music in general. Trying to learn something before my last trip around the sun. Anyway, this shouldn’t be taken as a step-by-step tutorial on learning Supercollider. Just a random collection of stuff.

The Days:

  1. The IDE
  2. Functions
  3. More Function Stuff
  4. Variables, etc.
  5. Unit Generators
  6. Envelopes

In the off chance you might be interested in the actual sounds I’m creating, you can find them here:

7 thoughts on “30 Days of Supercollider Series

  1. Day Two of 30 Days of Supercollider A word of warning about this series as a whole: this should not be taken as a comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial on how to use Supercollider. There are better …

  2. Day Three of 30 Days of Supercollider This will be a short one. There is some more weirdness with functions in SC that I didn’t think of yesterday. This one is actually a pretty cool language…

  3. Day Four of 30 Days of Supercollider Variables in Supercollider, not surprisingly, are rather special, compared to many other languages. I can count four rather distinct types of things that will h…

  4. Day Five of 30 Days of Supercollider. I could write hundreds of pages about UGens. Other people have. I’ll let you read their stuff instead and just give some of the basics. Unit Generators, …

  5. Day Six of 30 Days of Supercollider. Envelopes control how a single aspect of a sound changes over time. Traditionally, this meant the volume of a sound. When you strike a bell, for example, t…


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