Chladni Figures

experiments, tutorial

If you’ve been following along #awegif2021 on twitter, you’ve seem me post a few animated gifs that look like the image above (days 1-6 specifically). These are known as Chladni figures, named after Ernst Chladni. He described the formulas that create the patterns that result when you use soundwaves to activate sand or powder on a flat surface. You can find a ton of videos on Youtube that feature real world examples of this. But it’s also fun to do in code.

Curl Noise


My last post on Perlin noise wound up on hitting Hacker News, which generated an enormous amount of views, and a fair number of comments – here, on Twitter, and on HN itself. Of course, there was the usual eye-rolling, condescending, “why doesn’t he just do ….? that would be the obvious approach” kind of comments there, but a fair amount of actual helpful ideas, explanations, and links. One thing that came up over and over was the idea of using curl noise. So, when I got a chance, I went ahead and used curl noise.

7 Days of Code : July ’21 : 07. Divide

7 days of code, experiments, minicomps

I spent WAAAAAAAY too long on this last weekend. I was possessed. It was fun. The code is hideous. Microcomps? Too bad they don’t do anything. Would be fun to build this out a bit. Clean up the code and modularize things, get them animated and maybe some bit of interactivity. But I doubt I’ll be doing that any time soon.