7 Days of Code : July ’21 : 07. Divide

7 days of code, experiments, minicomps


I spent WAAAAAAAY too long on this last weekend. I was possessed. It was fun. The code is hideous. Microcomps? Too bad they don’t do anything. Would be fun to build this out a bit. Clean up the code and modularize things, get them animated and maybe some bit of interactivity. But I doubt I’ll be doing that any time soon.

Refresh for a new panel. Best seen full screen. I think this would make a nice wallpaper.

The inspiration for this came from an artist I just discovered – Laurie Lipton. She is amazing and inspirational. Her work is very dark, but she seems very cool. Check out the video below – the thumbnail was what sparked me to do this piece.

This also marks the end of this month’s 7 days of code. It was a lot of fun. It was the first I heard about it, so hoping it’s done on a regular basis. I will continue to participate.

Source (Please don’t look. If you do, don’t judge. It’s all vomited out straight from my brain into vim.)

Controls: MiniComps

Graphics: BLJS

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