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Similar to what I was doing yesterday, but this was inspired by the Alien movie, Prometheus – the scene where they send these probes into the alien structure to map it out with lasers or whatever.

Here, a random point is chosen and it shoots off in a random direction until it hits a noise threshold. A point is drawn and then it bounces off an another random direction until it hits another threshold. After a number of bounces, a new random point is chosen. Little by little, the spaces are mapped out.

I really like this concept and have some other ideas I want to try with it.

One problem with these MiniComps of mine is that it’s so easy to add them into a project, I start parameterizing everything and run out of room! Layout issues aside, it’s not really a problem and it allows for endless exploration and variety of images.


Controls: MiniComps

Graphics: BLJS

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