MinimalComps2 v1.3.0


I’m super excited to announce the latest official build of MinimalComps2. I’ve put a lot of work into these. Been seriously obsessed over them to be honest.

That’s a live demo, not a screenshot, so have a play around. The source for that demo is here. It includes instances of all 22 components in the set.

As you can see there have been several new components added since last week. I’m quite happy with all of them but I won’t go into detail about them here. Better to check the demos and docs, API documentation and source code.

For each new component I’ve made recently, I’ve made sure that:

  1. They are fully documented. I’m using jsdoc for this at the moment. I’ll probably do a bit of work on the documentation theme, but overall, I’m happy with it. In fact, ALL components are fully documented now, not just the new ones.
  2. They are fully unit tested. I actually wrote my own unit test framework. Silly I know, but I wanted it to work the way I wanted it to work. Other testing frameworks I was trying were too bloated and complex. I had a lot of fun writing this one. It’s a minimal unit testing framework, which is appropriate. Unit test frameworks are actually super simple. I think people tend to overengineer them and make them do too much. They start to morph more into integration test frameworks than purely unit testing. All the new components are fully tested. In all, nine out of the twenty two components are tested, so there’s more to do there. But that’s close to 300 individual assertions. Doing this has uncovered a lot of little bugs, so it’s been 110% worth it.
  3. Each new component has a live demo on the main site showing how it is used.

There is more work to be done on these, but I think I’m done with creating new components. Everything I added in this release was on the early list of components I wanted to create. That list is now officially empty. I’m sure I’ll have an idea or two later on, but I’m satisfied that the library fulfills its needs at this point.

The work going forward is mostly on wrapping up the unit testing, improving some standards and best practices throughout the code. I don’t feel like the code is too horrible, but there are places where I do one thing one way and a similar thing in a different way somewhere else. So getting some more consistency in there would be good. Raking the documentation over the coals too. Some of that was copied and pasted and I’m sure there are some minor errors here and there. And finally, doing more demos as examples of how to use different components.

I really hope people find these useful and hope to see some examples in the wild. If you use them, shoot me a link and I’ll share it around.

If you do find them useful and want to support the work in some way… buy me a beer/coffee/new car.

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