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Backtrack Time – Coding Math

So, a few days ago, I announced that all future Coding Math episodes would be released on The first one was released there, and it turns out that this arrangement is not going to work out the way I … Continue reading

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Coding Math and

I’m happy to announce that Coding Math videos will now be available on Since I started making videos, it has been a great source of joy for me. I love teaching, whether it is writing, speaking or making videos. … Continue reading

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Arch Linux, i3wm

Well, this post has been some time in the making. As I mentioned a week or so ago, I’m back on Linux full time on my main personal machine. That machine, by the way, is a 3 year old Lenovo … Continue reading

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Back to GNU/Linux

My computing platform history in a nutshell. 1984 – First significant interaction with a computer. A Commodore 128 I inherited at work. 1989 – Bought my own Commodore Amiga. Early 90’s – Was given a pc built from spare parts … Continue reading

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Chrome OS / Chromebooks

I’ve been curious about Chrome OS and Chromebooks for a while now. A couple of months ago I replaced my daughter’s dead laptop with a cheap Chromebook and she loves it. The only thing she really misses is Minecraft. Then, … Continue reading

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I made a Chrome Extension

The other week I got a new Chromebook. Mainly just to see what the user experience was, but I surprised myself by liking it a lot more than I expected I would. But that’s another story. I started being more … Continue reading

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Quicksettings.js 1.3

Did a bit of work on Quicksettings.js recently. Mostly based on some features suggested in issues and pull requests. A quick summary: 1. A few new controls: ¬†addNumber. Basically the same as addRange, but displayed as a numeric text field … Continue reading

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The word “amateur” has gotten a bad meaning over the years. Amateur is the opposite of professional. It has come to mean someone is sloppy, or someone who doesn’t care about what they are doing. But really the unprofessional part … Continue reading

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QuickSettings CDN

A few people were asking for the QuickSettings Library to be added to a CDN for ease of use in projects. I finally got around to doing this. It’s now hosted on To use QuickSettings in a project, you … Continue reading

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Sublime Text Comment and Next Line Shortcut

Just a quick tip. I’ve been using Android Studio extensively, daily, for the last year and a half. One minor editing feature I’ve grown to love is the way it handles commenting lines. You have your keyboard shortcut, Ctrl-/ or … Continue reading

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