I used to speak at tech conferences. Mostly Flash-related. I don’t do Flash anymore and there aren’t any Flash conferences anymore. It was great fun while it lasted.

I’m not actively looking for speaking engagements about the kind of work I’m currently doing, but if you’re interested in having me speak at your conference, definitely get in touch.

Media Elements, Enschede, NL, 2004

FiTC, Toronto, CA, 2005

FlashForward, NYC, USA, 2005

FiTC Toronto, CA, 2006

FiTC Hollywood, USA, 2006

Flash on the Beach, Brighton, UK, 2006

FiTC Toronto, CA, 2007

Boston Cyberarts, USA, 2007

Adobe MAX, Chicago, USA, 2007

FlashForward, Boston, USA, 2007

Flash on the Beach, Brighton, UK, 2007

FiTC Toronto, CA, 2008

Flashforward, San Francisco, 2008

Flash on the Beach, Brighton, UK, 2008

Singularity, Web Conference, 2008

FiTC Amsterdam, 2009

360iDev, 2009

Flash on Tap, Boston, 2009

Flash on the Beach, Brighton, UK, 2009

FITC, Tokyo, Japan, 2009

FITC, Toronto, Canada, 2010

Multimania, Kortrijk, BE, 2010

Flashbelt, Minneapolis, 2010

FiTC, San Francisco, 2010

FiTC, Edmonton, AB, 2010

Geeky by Nature, NYC, 2011

Flash and the City, NYC, 2011

Beyond Tellerand – Play!, Cologne, Germany, 2012

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