More Codes: Weave!

Oct 29 2015 Published by under JavaScript

Just playing around and came up with a neat little library for drawing weave patterns on a canvas.

Not a whole ton to say about it. Not sure how useful it would actually ever be to anyone except… those rare cases when… you just need a weave pattern… done in canvas. But anyway, it was fun to make, and I used QuickSettings extensively during the development to try out different parameters quickly and easily. And that gave me the ideas for several improvements to QuickSettings itself. If you could compare the code before and after the QuickSettings binding and global change handler features, you’d see how useful those are.

Anyway, check out the demo.

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  • Trevor says:

    Hi Keith,
    A partner of mine has a client that’s having me develop a simple hybrid iPhone and Android application that will promote a product they manufacture, as well as giving installers a login portal so they can access pdf manuals. They ran across your application in the iTunes store called “Dust” and they were hoping you’d be able to give them a quote on developing a similar idea. If you could / would, please send me over an email. I’ve looked around the site and haven’t found any direct method of contacting you.

    Thanks in advance!