Quick Settings Updates

Oct 28 2015 Published by under Components, JavaScript

I’ve done some updates to QuickSettings over the last few weeks. First, I added quicksettings_minimal.css and quicksettings_minimal_dark.css style sheets, which bring everything down in size somewhat and get the range control sliders looking a bit more consistent across browsers and platforms. OK, OK, what I’m trying to say is that the whole thing looks more like good old MinimalComps. But it’s still all made with standard HTML controls and CSS.

I added a dropdown control that creates… well, a dropdown. Or an HTML Selection control, if you want to call things by their proper names.

There are now methods for setting values, changing range parameters and removing controls from the panel.

And the two most recent changes are really useful.

First, I added a setGlobalChangeHandler method. You pass a callback function to that and any time any control in the panel is changed, that callback will get called.

Secondly, I added a bunch of “bind” methods. These are analogous to the “add” methods, but rather than taking a callback function as the last argument, they take an object. When that control value changes, the property on that object that has the same name as the title you passed in will get assigned the new value of that control. Yeah… not sure that was very clear. Let’s try an example.

[php lang=”JavaScript”]settings.bindBoolean(“visible”, false, model);[/php]

OK, so ‘model’ is an object that has a ‘visible’ property. This creates a checkbox. When the checkbox is clicked, model.visible will change to the value of the control. Simple, actually.

So these two latest changes make using the panel much more concise. You create a single model object, bind controls to properties on the model and set a global change handler. In the handler, you read the properties of the model. You can see it all in action in the binddemo.js file in the demos folder.

I’ve been using the panel myself in some personal projects, and I do really enjoy it. So the changes are coming from (my own) real world use.

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