New MinimalComps Site, and Github

Apr 10 2011 Published by under Components

During JavaScript month, there was little time for much else. There were bugs and issues in MinimalComps that had piled up and I was ignoring them. So yesterday I sat down and went through the whole lot. I realized that several were not bugs, but simply known issues with known workaround, such as the need to add the flex.swc to your project if compiling in Flash CS4/5. The current site had no easy place to put this stuff. I could have worked more on the site to make it more dynamic, but wound up installing WordPress and a nice minimal theme. I’ve been working on it on and off over the weekend, adding a gallery, showcase, FAQ, etc. The site is at the same old place:

And if you need to see the old site for any reason, it’s now at:

I’ve also been toying with the idea of moving the source over to github. I’ve been on a project with a client that uses git and finally got very familiar with it. I had many people begging me to use it for the comps. I pretty much decided on it a few weeks back, but wanted to straighten out this other stuff first.

So as of yesterday, the official MinimalComps repository is at:

As of this moment, what’s there is identical with what’s on Google Code, but you should consider the Google Code site dead. I’m not going to update it there any more, and will eventually pull it down.

One of the pages on the new site is the Showcase, with links to sites and projects using MinimalComps. You can see it here, and feel free to add your own links to any projects in the comments.

3 responses so far

  • Bob Howard says:

    I think the gallery could use a lot more work. It’s hard to tell what is what, and some of the components aren’t labeled. Plus, it’s missing some. Other than that the new site seems nice.

  • xm says:

    Hey Keith, Big thanks for creating and supporting this project… I am sure it has inspired many! 🙂

  • Frank says:

    I can’t find the documentation for MinimalComps.
    It’s not yet up in the new site. They used to be on the old site but now it’s gone. “404”
    Other than that, thanks for creating something so useful!