Falling Balls Rising

Jan 05 2010 Published by under iPhone

So my iPhone game, Falling Balls, has been out for almost a year. In the first few weeks it was out, it rose to be the #1 free application on the iTunes App Store. Trust me, this surprised nobody more than it did ME. It stayed in the top spot for a day or two, maybe more, I forget exactly, then started slowly sinking down the chart. But it sank quite slowly. I think it stayed in the top 100 for something like a few months. And even after it was out of the top 100 free apps list, it was still hanging in there in the top 100 free games list. Of course, all good things come to an end, and eventually it went out of site.

Until now! Yesterday, somebody tweeted a link to this review:


Now you can’t ask for a better review than that. I read it, smiled, got a nice ego boost out of it and got back to work.

Cut to this evening. I get home, I’m relaxing in my chair, my iPhone is sitting there beside me. I get one of those bored moments where I think, maybe I’ll download a fun little iPhone game. I figure, let’s see what free games are available first, maybe I’ll luck out and get something fun for nothing. I open the “Top 25 Free Apps” page, and to my astonishment…

Yes, Falling Balls is the #2 free application! Amazing.

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  • Hillel Fuld says:

    Glad you liked my review… Great app.

  • Hi 101 :),

    Happy New year! That’s wonderful!, I downloaded that app last year and I am still using it. It is really awesome. After you post this information in your blog I immediately opened the app store and checked with curiosity, yes it does!! 2nd Spot!!.

    I am one of the admirer of you and your work, seriously I was wondering how you manage your time with your family and multiple programming language,blogging,seminar speech,Book writing oops!!!. can you write a tips in your blog so that everybody same as me will be benefited. I love to read all your animation books and have all of them.. Hats of to you!!


  • Larry Lague says:

    It was at #1 around 9PM PST last night for a little while.

  • Zevan says:

    That is just plain awesome. Congrats 🙂

  • John says:

    Isn’t the power of twitter amazing? Congrats!

  • william says:

    i was no. 2 for i think 2 weeks

  • Clark says:

    Are the 2 top scores on ninja real or a glitch?

  • mike says:

    Falling balls was my absolute favorite app for my iPhone. I just switched to Verizon yesterday, and the first thing I did was look in the Android market for it. 🙁 its not there. Will you ever make it for Android??? Please???? I miss it a lot. Pretty please?????

  • Crazy, I made a game just like this in an art class many ages ago. The only version I can find is here, apologies for the annoying “you win” box that pops up and doesn’t go away, I have no idea where the source and/or non-annoying version is: http://andydremeaux.com/bfd/Bounce%20Death.swf WASD + space to use your special power.

    I actually made it as a test to see how many objects Flash could have on screen at once, as my teacher didn’t believe it could have more than 5-10. This thing could still run fine with 50+, back in 2003.

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