I guess I need to make my Adobe "why" video…

Mar 03 2008 Published by under Flash, Silverlight

… now that I just received one of these in the mail:


Thanks Adobe!

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  • That Flip dealie looks quite cool and with a nice price tag to boot. Are you happy with it?

  • kp says:

    Yeah, I love it. It’s not high end by any means, but the quality isn’t bad. Utter simplicity. You turn it on and you press record. You can zoom in and out. You can play back your recorded videos and change the volume. The screen is pretty tiny, but does the trick. The USB connector flips out and plugs into any pc or mac. The software for managing your videos is right on the camera, and again is not high end, but does just what you need it to. Or, you can bypass the software all together and just drag the videos out of the device into your computer and deal with them from there.

    So, yeah, I love it. Not sure I would have paid $150 out of my own pocket for it though. Would be a great gift for someone not into high end gadgetry though.

  • Very cool for Adobe to do that. I’ve been looking at one, but I use my Canon SD600 for video like this. It works about as well, I imagine.

  • Cool beans. I’m just looking for something to take up skiing so I can video the kids. Don’t want to risk my nice camcorder, so one of those would be perfect.

    Thanks for the tip!