Goodbye Twitter


I’ll keep this brief. I’m leaving Twitter after 16 years. A tough decision. 8000 followers. Lots of history. It was an overwhelmingly positive experience. But the platform is in a very different place now and I just don’t want to have any connection to it going forward. I’ll disable my account some time on December 13, 2022 probably.

You can now find me over at Mastodon at bit101 ( – Mastodon 🐘

I’ve flirted with Mastodon for several years now. There is now a critical mass of people I know there. I’m having a great time there and it feels very much like the early days of Twitter. Good conversation, good creativity, low drama.

I met so many people and maintained so many good relationships on Twitter. I hope to continue to stay in touch with a lot of you, either here, on Mastodon, or on other avenues.

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