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You’d be forgiven if you came to the conclusion that I had any idea of what was going on here, especially with the filter node. I’m half decent at coding to an API, but I don’t really have much of a clue about music and sound.

Did a few more hours of work on top of yesterday’s demo. Started on a whole visual sound class library. It’s worth looking at the source. Not counting the library code, this whole demo was created in under 40 lines of code. Each node is a self contained UI. The toughest part was maintaining the connections. Especially with the oscillator node, which gets destroyed and recreated every time you stop and start it. This means you have to keep track of what is supposed to be connected to it – in both directions – and re-establish those connections as needed. After lots of overly complex solutions, I think I came up with a pretty clean way of managing it.

I’ll be continuing to work on this, adding more nodes, adding some more visualizations. There’s many areas of this web audio API that I haven’t even looked at.


Controls: MiniComps

Graphics: BLJS

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