MinimalComps2 v1.5.0


I know, I know, too many releases in too short a time. But I think this is the last minor release for a while. Pretty sure I’ve done most of what I really want to do with these for a v1. And I have no idea what v2 will look like. So from here on out it should be mostly patches with bug fixes and minor tweaks.

What’s in it?

HSlider label positions

Up to now you could only change the position of the text label on an HSlider. Now you can put the value slider just about wherever you want it as well. Both can be placed top, left, right or bottom. There’s some logic in there to make sure they don’t overlap. A change on this one is that previously the value label would be to the right of the slider. Like this:

Old HSlider with value on right.

Now it defaults to on top. Like this:

New HSlider with value on top.

I think this looks a lot better, but it might mess things up for you. You can easily manually change it back to the right side.

ColorPicker with sliders

New color choosing sliders.

When you tab or click into the color picker’s input field, the panel will drop down, giving you RGB sliders to adjust your color. I like this SO much better. My favorite update for this release! You can make it drop up if you want, or turn this feature off altogether to just use the text field.

Dropdown drop up

You can now make the Dropdown component drop up if you don’t have room for it to drop down. This is not automatic. It’s a setting. Hey, these are minimal components.

VSlider swap labels

You can swap the position of the text and value labels on the VSlider, like you can on the Knob. Not a big deal, but someone might use it.

PlayButton component

Yup, a new component.


Functionally, this is the same as a Checkbox or Toggle. You click it to toggle it back and forth between two states (checked / not checked, toggled / not toggled, playing / not playing). But who wants to use a checkbox to start and stop an animation or audio?


That’s all folks. Like I said, I don’t anticipate a v1.6 for a while. But probably some v1.5.x patches here and there to fix bugs and give minor tweaks. Mostly I’m just going to be using them as much as I can in various experiments.

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