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Hello Again!

[ announcement ]

Yes, it was time for a refresh. Honestly, I just got pretty tired of Wordpress.

I hate to be that guy on the internet who complains about software, but I’ve really been struggling with Wordpress’s Gutenberg engine for a long time. Maybe it’s just me. I use vim (neovim), which generally means that I just like to edit text when I’m editing text. Gutenberg has this whole visual block paradigm with dropdowns and popups and controls and side menus to control what’s in each block and what it looks like.

Maybe some people like that paradigm, but it just gets in my way. It feels slow and from what I can see, it is super buggy. Things seem to work one way one time and a different way the next. Generally never how I expect it to work.

Well, maybe it’s buggy, maybe it’s me, but I find myself constantly fighting it and getting frustrated, and I’m kind of done with it.

Beyond the editing experience, Wordpress is a big, beefy system. You have a database to worry about, hundreds and hundreds of PHP files with functions, and spam filters, and plugins to optimize the whole thing to make up for all the rest of it.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and a static site just sounds wonderful.

So, I’m moving over to Hugo, which means I can blog from neovim. I can create posts using markdown and check them into github.

The old site will still be available as an archive at https://bit-101.com/2017. And the earlier site has been revived and lives at https://bit-101.com/2003.

Let’s see how this goes! I’m hoping with some reduced friction, I just might post a bit more often.

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