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22 responses so far

  • yaser says:

    Hi Keith
    i read your book`s:Foundation ActionScript Animation:
    Making Things Move! . its very good and powerful book even i see . i want to ask you one question about 3d objects in chapter 16 & 17 . how can i create a 3d object in flash and assign a button to any side of it, in other words how can i have a button on a 3d object or 3d logo with that specification you created in it (rotate by cursor) .


  • Hi Keith,

    I heard at FITC that there was a follow up to Foundation AS Animation. Do you know if it’s already available and what the title is? I can’t seem to find it on Amazon.

    Thanks, Patrick

  • Greg says:

    Hello Keith
    I’m finishing reading “Making Things Move” and starting Advanced i ordered this week.
    I love reading your books, you have great talent. I’ve got around seven Flash books including those two written by you and perhaps i shouldn’t say that but you are my first flash guru.
    Just want to say thanks to you for sharing your great ideas. It really improved my understanding of Action Script.

  • Xavier Ameye says:

    Hello Keith,
    Foundation Actionscript 3.0 Animation, what a good book.
    I want to place the code of the package in the timeline of Flash CS4.What do I have to change (Chapter 11 page 299,” MultiBilliard”)to make it work in Flash CS4?
    I hope you can help me.

    Xavier from Belgium

  • Thawfeek says:

    Keith, i am one of your student . i was reading the your book on action Script 2.0 by friends of ED for the past 2 months.

    first i have to tell u that the book is just awesome. it is perfect for the beginners in action script. but i have some
    doubts on the example programs that u have written in that book. do u have any website or forums regarding that?? so that i can clarify my doubts

  • Brad says:

    Hi Keith,
    I have been reading Foundation ActionScript 3.0 Animation…… awesome book, it has helped so much!!!

    I have run into a problem that I just can’t solve….
    It is regarding coordinate rotation.

    My code uses your multi-angle bounce example as a base, but i am trying adapt it into a kind of orthographic 3D collision detection system. (still only using x and y collisions)
    So the X and Y axes are no longer vertical and horizontal (they have been skewed by a fixed value). My best attempt at correcting the resultant vector for the collision involved adjusting the angle of the collision to counter the viewing angle offset.
    It hasn’t gone well…….

    Any advice on how to manipulate the result of the collision to adjust for the viewing angle offset would be GREATLY appreciated!

  • dorkbot says:

    I’ve read your book AdvaceED ActionScrip 3.0 Animation. I’m using your steering behavior “engine”. I’m trying to figure out how to limit the amount a vehicle can rotate. When following the mouse a vehicle will flip right around, I want to be able to slow it down. Do you have any solutions? Should I change the angle of the steeringForce?

    override public function update():void
    _steeringForce = _steeringForce.divide(_mass);
    _velocity = _velocity.add(_steeringForce);
    _steeringForce = new Vector2D();

    Great book!


  • dorkbot says:

    I added this to the SteeredVehicle Class:

    override public function update():void
    _steeringForce = _steeringForce.divide(_mass);
    // added by
    var oldVelocity:Vector2D = _velocity.clone();
    trace(“oldVelocity: ” + oldVelocity);
    _velocity = _velocity.add(_steeringForce);
    // added by
    trace(“1 _velocity: ” + _velocity);
    trace(“1 _velocity.angle: ” + _velocity.angle);
    var angleBtwn:Number = Vector2D.angleBetween(oldVelocity, _velocity);
    trace(“angleBtwn: ” + angleBtwn);
    var heading:Vector2D = oldVelocity.clone().normalize();
    var maxTurnRate:Number = 5;
    if(maxTurnRate > 0 && angleBtwn > (maxTurnRate * Math.PI / 180))
    var ratio:Number = maxTurnRate / angleBtwn;
    trace(“ratio: ” + ratio);
    var lengthAmnt:Number = ratio * _velocity.length;
    trace(“lengthAmnt: ” + lengthAmnt);
    //_velocity.length = lengthAmnt;
    _velocity.angle = oldVelocity.angle + (heading.sign(_velocity) * (maxTurnRate * Math.PI / 180));
    trace(“2 _velocity: ” + _velocity);
    _steeringForce = new Vector2D();

    It works okay, but please share a better approach.


  • Hey Keith,
    My comments never seem to get published on your posts. Am I being marked as SPAM somehow or do you just hate me :(

  • Cool just making sure. By far my favorite books / blog. Thanks for all of the great write-ups and experiments.

  • Edward says:

    Hi Keith,
    I learned easing movement from your book,I can use following code:

    I know above code can run well along a line. Now I have a sprite and put it on the border of a circle,like follows:

    Now I make angle equals 120 degree,like follows:

    I want to know how to make the sprite from 30 degree to 120 along the circle border by using easing movement? I don’t know how to realize above model, I worked it for a whole day,but it failed. Which mathematic formula can I use? Source code is better.


  • Bob says:

    Hi Keith;

    I’m still studying the archaic language AS2. I was going to your old lab to download fla’s to help figure out the many ways you can make things move, but a few days ago the the directory holding the files seems to have vanished.
    Here’s the link:

    What happened to the Old Bit 101 lab?

  • adrian says:

    I’ve just started reading Foundation ActionScript Animation, great book i look forward to try out all scripts

  • Samuel Ezeh says:

    I have a problem with Bouncing of Angles in chapter 10 of ActionScript 3.0 Animation: Making things move. I have read the this part over and over again and unable to figure it out from the example and the Text of the book. Please I will appreciate it very much if you could explain it more to me. More explicit diagrams will be appreciated. Thanks in Anticipation of your reply.

  • Prabakaran says:

    hi peter,,,,
    u r awesome…i finished your making things was awesome…your teaching method via book is also great..thanks a lot…u r the first person who impressed me in flash and actionscript……….thankssssssssssssssssssss.

  • Abhay Nath says:

    Hi Keith,
    I am actionscript developer from India. I was looking for book about actionscript programming animation. I found yours and its amazing. Thanks a lot ! Great job !!!

  • iGman says:

    What’s up with wickedpissahgames?

  • Bob says:

    I’m reading your book(ActionScript 3.0 Animation) right now and I went to your supporting website “The site’s security certificate is not trusted!” warning comes up I though you should know. It’s really a great book!

    Bob O.

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