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Aug 05 2006 Published by under Flash

If you are a FlashDevelop Power User, you’ve probably gotten pretty use to editing all those xml files to change your main menu, tool bar, add keyboard shortcuts, etc. And you’ve probably gotten sick of navigaging to C:/Program Files/FlashDevelop/Settings over and over and created a shortcut to that directory somewhere.

Now, with the RunCommand Plugin, you can easily go one step further, and create an options menu that gives you direct access to all the files in Settings. Just add this snippet to your MainMenu.xml file. I put mine just before the Help menu:

< menu label="&Options">
< button label="MainMenu" click="PluginCommand" tag="Edit;@APPDIR/Settings/MainMenu.xml" />
< button label="ScintillaMenu" click="PluginCommand" tag="Edit;@APPDIR/Settings/ScintillaMenu.xml" />
< button label="ScintillaNet" click="PluginCommand" tag="Edit;@APPDIR/Settings/ScintillaNet.xml" />
< button label="Settings" click="PluginCommand" tag="Edit;@APPDIR/Settings/Settings.xml" />
< button label="Snippets" click="PluginCommand" tag="Edit;@APPDIR/Settings/Snippets.xml" />
< button label="TabMenu" click="PluginCommand" tag="Edit;@APPDIR/Settings/TabMenu.xml" />
< button label="ToolBar" click="PluginCommand" tag="Edit;@APPDIR/Settings/ToolBar.xml" />
< /menu>

[edited to use the @APPDIR shortcut and remove a couple of files I was told should not be manually edited. also note that I need to insert spaces after the < char to keep WordPress from freaking out. remove them if it's a problem.] Don't forget to install the RunCommand plugin: http://www.flashdevelop.org/community/viewtopic.php?p=3496

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