Playing With Chaos is Published!

Sep 20 2013 Published by under JavaScript

At long last, the book is available for sale. It took a few days to get through all the copy edits and then a few last minute tweaks, then I hit the big old publish button. A few hours later, it was live … except in the US, Japan, India and Canada. I’m not sure if there is just some lag in the system for certain countries. I contacted support, they said they’d look into it and I never heard back, but the book soon went live on the US and Canadian stores. As of this writing it’s still listed as unavailable for purchase in India and Japan. It may resolve itself, but I’ll keep pushing on it anyway.

As mentioned previously, the whole process was a great experience and feels like a big accomplishment to have pulled it off from inception to being in the store, all under my own steam.

Anyway, go get it if this is the kind of thing you’re interested in. I hope you enjoy it. If so, it would be really nice to start seeing some good reviews stacking up there. 🙂

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  • Tom Beddard says:

    Congrats Keith!
    You should add an amazon link to the book… the Send to Kindle only send this blog post 😉

    • keith says:

      Ha, actually, the send to kindle button and the book link are separate items. But because they were the same size and right next to each other vertically, they looked like a single button. I moved the book link down to make it more obvious. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • DS says:

    Hi, any alternatives to Kindle? Because i don´t intent to install any Kindle software on any of my devices but i for sure want to read that book.

  • Jonas says:

    The book link is filtered by AdBlock. Maybe you should add a regular text link as well.

  • Ben Renow-Clarke says:

    Hi Keith – Congrats on getting this finished, it looks ace. Is there a way to get a print version via CreateSpace? I couldn’t see anything other than Kindle on Amazon UK.