Falling Balls for Windows 8 release 2 is out

Nov 08 2012 Published by under Windows 8

I pushed Falling Balls out the door with bare minimum functionality. In the week or so it’s been out though, it’s gotten a couple of thousand downloads and a solid 4 star rating. Early this week I decided to enhance it a bit with two new difficulty levels – “hard” and “ninja”.

In hard mode, the balls start coming out faster right away and you’ll see a lot more of them. If you had a decent score in the original mode, you’ll be hard pressed to get anywhere near that in hard mode.

Ninja mode is a bit faster than easy (original) mode, but the balls come at you from both directions. You can still last a while on it, but it’s far more challenging, and in my opinion, a lot more interesting.

I also fixed a bug which was preventing ads from showing up in most cases. I’m saying this because for most people it will look like I just added the ads in this release, but in fact they were there all along, just not working very well. Like the iOS version, the ads will only show after you die and will go away while you are in active game play. Feel free to click on them if you see something vaguely interesting, and support … me. 🙂

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