Structure Synth 1.5.0 Released

Nov 22 2010 Published by under General, Technology

This past year I gave my “Programming Art” talk at five different conferences: Multi-Mania Belgium, FlashBelt, and FiTC in Toronto, San Francisco and Edmonton. I think the two things that stood out the most for people were Context Free Art and Structure Synth. If you haven’t checked into these two tools, you owe it to yourself to try them out. Neither one is something you’re going to base your future career on, but both will change the way you think about programming and creating graphics.

And if you looked into Structure Synth earlier, you might want to go grab the latest version, 1.5.0. More info here:

The two big new features are the integrated raytracer and the JavaScript integration for animation.

These are both features that have been in the works for a while, but were just released now. I can’t wait to play with them.

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  • keith says:

    Oh, just noticed SS has generated random numbers now too. Less pure than a context free grammar, but very useful.

  • This is great news thanks for sharing. Structure Synth is fun to use and I am always surprised with what I can produce relatively quickly. It will be fun to take advantage of the new JavaScript features and ray-tracing abilities. -Thanks for sharing

  • wow that’s really nice, I’m about to have a go, I don’t do enough creative coding.

    The javascript animated video is very nice, could this be used with flash somehow?


  • eco_bach says:

    Thanks for sharing Keith. Had a quick look at the SS documentation. Love the recursive rules! Question-Why would someone use and learn Structuresynth instead of Processing? Even if just to tinker and learn advanced programming concepts. They seem very similar. But Processing has a lot of very good documentation out there at the moment.

    • keith says:

      Question – why do you use the word “instead”? Is someone saying you can only learn one thing and you must choose? Why not learn both? If someone has a gun to your head telling you you can only learn one technology of the two, go with Processing. But Structure Synth is a lot of fun and will give you some new ways to think about coding.