MinimalComps 0.9.6

Nov 07 2010 Published by under ActionScript, Components, Flash

It’s been a while, but I finally got around to doing some work on MinimalComps. I went through all the issues that people had entered in Google Code. Some were older and already handled. Some were requests for new features, which I’ve noted, but am not acting on just now. Several I could not reproduce and closed. But if you entered one of those and are still seeing an issue and can give reproduceable steps for it, please reopen it with those steps. And then there were a fair amount of real bugs. Many of these were related to the List and ComboBox controls. These wound up showing up several issues in lower level controls, down to PushButton. I think I have them pretty well cleaned up.

So, no new features, but you should find List and ComboBox work much better now. You can get the URL to the SVN repository, or download the SWC or the zipped source here:

A couple of other things I want to note. First I want to acknowledge that the ComboBox is misnamed. It should be a Dropdown. A ComboBox COMBINES an editable field with a dropdown list. I’m not sure the best way to handle this. I’m thinking of just changing the name to Dropdown and then creating an empty ComboBox class that extends Dropdown just to ensure I don’t break existing stuff. Does that seem like a decent fix?

The other issue to address is that several people have been bugging me to move the repository over to GitHub. I’ve personally used Git and got to like it, but despite the zeal that converts express for it, I think SVN is a much more popular method of source control. Pretty much anyone these days knows how to use SVN, either by command line or via some client. Git does have a serious learning curve, even for those who have used SVN or CVS. A lot of people have not made the jump yet. I don’t want to limit people’s access to the source and I don’t want to try to maintain two repositories. So for the near future, I’m sticking with Google Code SVN.

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  • keith says:

    Also, I think there was some mess up with 0.9.5. Perhaps I didn’t upload a version, but I did some massive changes to the List code that was definitely in SVN, but got several bug reports showing older List code that was supposedly from 0.9.5. At any rate, I’m certain that 0.9.6 has the completely updated code, both in SVN and the downloadable source and SWC.

  • Karim says:

    Thanks for the lovely components – very nice to have something to use so simple and easily. Recently needed to have different colour styles for the Buttons, and implmented a little hack – thought of working on a style manager at somepoint if that’s something that’s going to be usefull ? – or could be a thought for the framework/components. Also, still svn much easier to use. Thanks again.

  • luchyx says:

    great! keith!
    I’m using your comps under BlackBerry tablet wich looks great!. I made some improvements on Wheel and ChartBase – and I want to contribute if you don’t mind.


  • luguo says:

    var alist:List = new List(canvas, 20, 50, [ ‘text1’, ‘text2’]);
    alist.items = [ ‘btn1’, ‘btn2’, ‘btn3’, ‘btn1’, ‘btn2’, ‘btn3’];

    does’nt work , is this a bug?

  • Micah says:

    Hey keith, i think sticking with SVN is the way to go. If you know git, you know svn, but not necessarily the other way around .

    “Does that seem like a decent fix?” yes

  • GitHub vs. SVN depends on priorities. If it’s crucial to lower the bar for users updating to the very latest commit, SVN is the winner. But if users aren’t early-adopter types, they should probably stick to the versioned release download.

    On the other hand, if you want people to collaborate, GitHub is where it’s at. People have made their own modifications to MinimalComps on GitHub:

    If you moved to GitHub, I believe you would see modifications of MinimalComps currently on people’s hard drives coalesce into something great.

    And it’s still easy for people to download releases. GitHub actually detects when you tag and automatically adds a download for a source zip at the tag.

    AS3 Signals was on Google Code for a few weeks, but I moved to GitHub in response to feedback and have never regretted it. No one complains about it not being SVN. And the collaboration just wouldn’t have happened on Google Code. Here’s a visual representation using GitHub’s Impact graph:

    A few more:

  • fei0kite says:

    if you can say what is the change in 0.96 ,that is the best. ( my English is bad ,i think you don’t care ).

  • Ben Johnson says:

    I agree with Robert. GitHub is a great platform for collaborating. You’re right that Subversion is still the 800 lbs gorilla but many of the people who are interested in contributing to open source have moved to Git.

    GitHub standardizes the workflow for contributors to work on a project. I just send a Pull Request. For other projects I feel like I have to learn how to contribute before contributing and many times that’s more effort than I want to spend in order to submit a bug fix.