Kindle vs. iPad redux

Sep 13 2010 Published by under Kindle

I know I’m fanning the flames here, but I thought it was a bit funny. Not hilarious, but cute. Of course, you could make a follow up ad that showed the woman trying to check her email or whatever…

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  • David Reynolds says:

    I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that the Kindle and the iPad are competing with each other. There is certainly some overlap, but not that much, at least as I use the device.

    I do read books on my iPad and my iPod Touch (all DRM free ePubs and PDFs, I’ve no interest in “renting” a book at a substantial percentage of the cover price of a hardcover.) If I were planning to spend some time reading in the sun or in a rough environment, then a Kindle would make perfect sense, especially now that they are so cheap. Wouldn’t help me much reading my manga, however…

    As to the beach email scenario, _not_ being able to check my email would be a plus factor.

  • Gerald says:

    Point taken. It’s a little bit funny though, that I just watched that spot on my iPad.

    • keith says:

      yeah, well, I watched it on my Kindle. In the sun!

      OK, no I didn’t. 🙂

      • David Reynolds says:

        Years and years ago, back in medieval times, I did some animation where I took some frames and rendered them with a black and white stipple pattern and printed them out on one of those hot new _laser_ printers. Then took the print outs and photographed them on an animation stand through colored filters to Super 8 film, which was then transferred to video. (Anti Aliasing was accomplished by shooting slightly out of focus.) The imagery had a very interesting velvety texture.

        It occurs to me that you could do the same thing with a Kindle. And not waste a lot of paper like I did. Not saying this would be a _good_ idea, but it would be a fun hack.

      • Kevin Newman says:

        I keep hoping I’ll be able to watch it on my Notion Ink Adam – but they keep delaying it!

  • Will says:

    Received my Kindle yesterday. So far I’m loving it.

    I think the best ‘hook’ this ad has it’s mention of price, something the Kindle can play off of considering it’s lack of features when compared to a device more broadly targeted and three times it’s price.

  • Mike F. says:

    Funny ad….but a bit arrogant, since the Kindle can only do 1 function – displaying books – while the iPad can do so much more. Yes, the ipad isn’t great reading in sunlight….but it’s more versatile. I personally would rather have a good old fashioned paper book to read, than an e-reader. Not a Luddite either, i love technology, but I dont think e-readers have been perfected yet.

    • Chip R says:

      I don’t think it was arrogant at all. The iPad is clearly a more versatile and sophisticated device and reading books is one of many things you can do with it. What I think the Ad is showing is if you want to read a book in direct Sunlight, get a Kindle – that’s what it’s made for.

  • Ha you rock i just got my new kindle about a week ago i was so happy never even thought i would get a mini computer that doesn’t support flash but when i looked into the details free internet world wide for less then 200$ one time and it supports most of the mini ebook formats i thought this is a steal.

    Most of my friends before they got the ipad said ‘i don’t know it doesn’t have flash’ after they got it they where happy campers well i would be as well but i just don’t think its worth it. if someone would tell me to buy a full computer but i can’t pick what i can install and i need to pay one company to get everything i want i would say no i don’t care how fancy the wrapper is (maybe i’m an odd duck).

    To be fair there are 2 things that are bad about the kindle but i can live with it
    1. the PDF support kind of sucks its not as good as the native mobi/kindle supported formats.
    2. no support for DRM books that are not amazon books such as your online library so i don’t like that as well.

    but if you can live with these two facts (I can) free internet world wide and a really fantastic technology and ebook reader then go for it. and guys if you like reading bit-101 support the guy click on his amazon button 😉

    lol Chip i don’t think the ipad is smarter then the kindle its like saying apples are more advanced then oranges. but with that said i’m waiting for the new Samsung pad better money spent even if its a few hundred $ more at least it don’t need to buy everything in one store 😉

  • I was waiting for the kid on the diving board to do a cannon ball into the pool … thereby splashing both the Kindle and iPad … and ruining both … but, sadly, it didn’t happen. 🙁

  • Hfiucgskdg says:

    If the only thing you can do with the kindle is read books then it would be cheaper to just buy a book. You can see books in the sun just fine. It may be four times cheaper than the iPad but it’s still ten times more expensive than a normal book.