Generative Gestaltung

Jan 04 2010 Published by under General

A short while ago I got an email from Hartmut Bohnacker, one of the authors of a book called “Generative Gestaltung”. In his words, “In this book we try to explain the basic principles how to generate images with code.” The code used is Processing. You can find out more about it at

The reason they were contacting me is that the book included some works and code based on my Lissajous Webs at Art From Code. They had credited me with the idea, but wanted to inform me personally. I, of course, was fine with it – honored in fact – and asked if I could get a copy of the book.

The book arrived the other day, and it’s a beauty. Textbook sized, and almost 500 pages. A huge color plate section – over 150 pages, and the rest is code and lots of images. Unfortunately, it’s in German, which means I can’t read a word of it, but I can read the code anyway.

As you can see, the book is absolutely gorgeous. The kind of thing you could just pour through and get inspired on every page. Here are a few shots of the Lissajous Web stuff:

Anyway, if you are into processing, or just want an amazing generative art coffee table type book, check it out.

Actually, I just noticed on the site that an English version is in the works as well. I wonder if I can cajole my way into getting a free copy of that too… 🙂

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  • Monokai says:

    I can also vouch for this book. It’s gorgeous and a pleasure to flip through. Good for inspiration. And I actually think the German language fits very well. “Generative Gestaltung” — that sounds so beautiful right?

  • Gregory says:

    While waiting for the english edition, would you recommend any other book?

  • Nice! That Lissajous Web stuff really is my favorite of the output on Art From Code.

  • I love this book! Very inspiring and the book itself feels just great. Very good quality!

  • Shoom says:

    I had to look twice as I read a german title for a bit-101 post in my feedreader…
    As a native speaker I think I’ll definitely will give it a shot. Looks amazing. If you have anything in particular you want to have translated, feel free to contact me. 😉

    The title means “generative Design” btw.

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