Making Things Move, Part 2!

Aug 02 2008 Published by under ActionScript

I’ve mentioned this to a few people here and there, but here’s the official announcement: I’m working on a new book, which will be a successor to Foundation ActionScript 3.0 Animation: Making Things Move!

I’m not sure of the full title yet, I think the first part will be something like “Advanced ActionScript Animation…” No, it’s not Foundation ActionScript 4.0 Animation… since AS4 only exists in a still-evolving specification so far. Not sure if we’ll tack on a “Making More Things Move” or something yet.

Basically, when I originally wrote Making Things Move, there was just a whole lot of material I wanted to cover. It wound up at 400 pages and 19 chapters. So there was a fair amount that had to be left out. When I started re-writing the book for AS3, I was hoping to squeeze in some new subjects. But as it turned out, I decided to use a full object oriented approach, which made the code samples longer, and required a more in-depth explanation of classes, etc. So even with the same amount of material and chapters, it came in at a hefty 568 pages!

In addition to the things I had to leave out, there have been other areas I’ve learned about in the years since I first wrote out the table of contents for the first book. So back in April, I sat down with Ben Renow-Clarke from Friends of ED while at FiTC in Toronto, and started working out a spec for a sequel.

I’m not going to give away the full table of contents yet, but we’re looking at 10 chapters and 300 pages. You might have noticed me posting some isometric screen shots in the last week or so. That has to do with Chapter 3. :)

I’m pretty excited about the book. There’s a really cool range of topics, which I’ll leak out here and there in the coming weeks. A lot of the things are stuff I’ve touched on, but don’t consider myself a complete expert in, so it’s taking a fair amount of research and I’m learning so much. I’ve always said one of the best ways to learn something is to write about or teach it. In order to make something understandable to someone else, you have to have a personal understanding it on a level far beyond what you would probably ever have just in using that thing.

OK, the book is actually described on the Friend of ED website:

Furthermore, it’s on Amazon, where you can preorder it already. Wow. Talk about pressure. I’m trying to finish chapter 3 this weekend, and people can buy it already!

AdvancED ActionScript Animation on Amazon

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