The BIT-101 3D Text Component

BIT-101 and Keith Peters present: The 3D Text Component v1.0, for use with Macromedia Flash MX!

This component allows you to create 3D wire-frame text effects with Flash MX, literally in seconds. All you need to do is drag a copy of the component to the stage, enter the text you want to display, specify its properties, such as size, color, spacing, etc.

Animation is performed through several built in functions. Text can be rotated or translated on any axis, positioned anywhere in space, and perspective can be adjusted.

All text properties, including text string, size, spacing, line width, color, and alpha are also all adjustable at run time through various functions.

Note, this is not pre-rendered text imported as a text or graphic. This is live, real-time generated, fully interactive 3D. Check this demo for an example.


More samples coming soon.



Get it here - includes versions one and two.

Version 2 Preview!